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    Sommerfestival Kittsee
      4.8 Sterne, von 13 Fan-Reports
  • Kittsee - Schloss Kittsee


    Alma Deutscher Cinderella von Elmbeard, 08.08.17
    This was a wonderful opportunity to hear the opera that premiered and sold out in Vienna after Christmas 2016, and I am very grateful to the organisers for putting it on. I travelled from England to hear this remarkable young composer, who also performed as a musical sprite. This is her first full-length opera (she also composed a short operetta in 2012) and in strictly for those who enjoy romantic classical music, with beautiful melodies and memorable harmonies. The work is an adaptation of the traditional tale, but set in an opera house. Cinderella is a downtrodden composer, and the prince is a poet, who really does not want to take up royal duties. The argument between the king and the prince worked itself into a fury with the king shouting Liebe! Liebe! Liebe!, angry that this was all the prince thought about. This is a must-see for anyone who loves romantic opera. It is the meeting of music and poetry that brings them together in the end, and an old woman in the forest who rewards generosity with greater kindness. The performance was to a recorded orchestra. While it did affect the performance, I was glad they did this, since it made a smaller audience and an open-air venue feasible. However, the composer did provide some live music on the violin and the keyboard. One comedy moment was when an ugly sister pushed her off with an impatient flick, and no respect for a real composer. The singing was very good throughout, although the climax - the strikes of midnight was rather spoilt by too much activity for too long, where the crucial melody was lost in the hubbub. The finale was cut short by a thunderstorm, so we lost the last few minutes. Unseen by the performers, but visible to the audience, were lightning flashes behind the Schloss that were getting closer and closer. Sitting on staging made of steel poles, the audience did not feel it wise to stay there, and started to walk out. The poor singers were wondering what they had done, and I could sense the worry in their voices as they lost their audience. Then an organiser walked on and said in German something like its not safe - run for your lives - schnell! leaving the performers to take a hurried curtain call in the rain as the audience ran away. Ive seen better accolades! One suggestion would be to stagger the seats, since I was sitting behind a large man who blocked my view. If the seats were alternately placed, then I could see between the people in front. I have very fond memories of meeting the composer and her family in the park beforehand. They had travelled from England too, and it was a surprise for them to be able to talk with me in their own language.
  • KITTSEE - Schloßpark


    Tolles Erlebnis von Rob, 18.07.17
    Es war eine wunderbare Aufführung in herrlichem Ambiente. Originell inszeniert. Sehr weiter zu empfehlen.
  • Kittsee - Schloss Kittsee


    Empfehlenswert! von Stefanie Franke, 17.07.17
    Eine fantastische Aufführung ,vor allem mit hervorragenden Sängern und Tänzern, vor allem der junge Buffo Georg Klimbacher als Boni war sehenswert! Aber man muss schon sagen, alle waren wunderbar und werden eine große Karriere hin bekommen, zu der wir ihnen toi, toi, TOI wünschen!!! Wir freuen uns schon auf nächstes Jahr!!!!